Operating in partnership with our factories in China, we provide integrated
metal fabrication services, from drawing and designing to production and finishing.
While being committed to stringent quality control in all aspects of fabrication
processes, we strive to offer optimal price performance solutions for total
client satisfaction.

  • II-1 Enclosures/Racks/Stanchions Fabrication

    We manufacture all types of cabinet enclosures, instrument racks and stanchions.

    1. Enclosures for electrical and control panels
    2. Stainless steel enclosures
    3. Instrument racks and stanchions

  • II-2 Other Metal Fabrication Services

    We handle all types of standard ferrous or non-ferrous products as well
    as special and custom fabrications. Materials used include stainless steel,
    iron, copper and plastic.

    1. Precision sheet metal products
    2. Metal cabinets
    3. Metal stamping components
    4. General medical instruments
    5. Custom designed products
    6. Clamps
    7. Copper bars
    8. Metal products for construction applications
    9. Metal instrument cases

  • II-3 Fabrication of Supporting Structures and Other Structural Elements and Assemblies

    We manufacture special and custom designed structural elements and assemblies
    such as mounting systems for solar PV panels, ducting and module containers.
    Materials used include stainless steel, iron, copper and plastic.

    1. Mounting systems for solar PV panels
    2. Ducting
    3. Module containers for electrical plant and control equipment

  • II-4 Steel and Other Accessories Procurement

    We offer procurement services for all kinds of steel and other accessories
    including special steel products.

    1. Sealing and packing materials
    2. Bolts, screws, pins and other fasteners, including those for special
    3. Steel bars and shapes
    4. Wires and wire products
    5. Steel strips

  • II-5 Enclosure Design Services

    We provide design services for all types of enclosures in accordance with
    your specifications and size requirements. High functionality and practicality
    as well as optimal price to performance ratio are the striking features
    of each of our products.

      Design of enclosures (including arrangement of internal equipment)

  • II-6 Supporting Structure Design Services

    We also provide design services for equipment supporting structures, focusing
    on ease of transportation and assembly, strength and durability while keeping
    a watchful eye on the overall budget requirements.

    1. Mounting systems for PV power generation systems
    2. Mechanical/electrical equipment supporting structures

  • II-7 Installation Services

    We can perform all required installation works for equipment and related
    components such as piping, support structures and panels.

  • II-8 Maintenance Services

    We offer total maintenance and operations support for our whole range of
    products and other installed equipment.