We have the engineering capabilities to design, fabricate and install a wide
variety of panels, control units and other assemblies to customer specifications
and needs. Our integrated partnership with our factories in China has been in
place for several years to ensure product quality and design consistency at
reasonable pricing.

  • I-1 Panels Fabrication

    We can manufacture all kinds of panels and related parts including the

    1. Electrical and control panels
    2. Instrument panels
    3. Relay terminal boxes
    4. Wiring harnesses for control panels

  • I-2 Equipment Fabrication

    We can also fabricate the following and other equipment for industrial
    use in compliance with your specific requirements.

    1. Industrial driers
    2. Movable doors and related supplies

  • I-3 Components Fabrication for RE Power Generation Systems

    We design and fabricate photovoltaic balance-of-system (BOS) components
    such as the following:

    1. Charge controllers
    2. Transducer boxes
    3. Junction/ combiner boxes

  • I-4 Systems and Components Sales

    We carry brand-name solar panels as well as custom complete PV systems
    as per client’s requirements for all applications, residential, commercial
    or industrial.

    1. Solar panels
    2. PV power generation systems

  • I-5 Electrical Supplies Procurement

    We have developed secure procurement routes for electrical supplies including
    the following. Do not hesitate to contact us regardless of the size of your

    1. Transformers, circuit breakers
    2. Switches, relays, terminal blocks, indicator lamps
    3. Cables, solderless terminals

  • I-6 Design Services

    We offer fully integrated design services in accordance with your installation
    and implementation specifications, placing special emphasis to create quality
    products that meet your budget and durability requirements. Our scope of
    expertise includes the following:

    1. Electrical and control panels, control units
    2. Instrument panels
    3. Factory production lines
    4. Factory automation systems (design and installation planning)
    5. PV power generation systems

  • I-7 Installation Services

    We carry installation, electrical and other required services for all the
    products in our portfolio.

    1. Installation works for control, electrical and other panels
    2. Electrical works
    3. PV power generation system installation works

  • I-8 Maintenance Services

    We also provide maintenance and repair services for our whole range of
    products and other installed equipment.