• Fully integrate sales, design and manufacturing
    • Establish an outsourcing strategy through ISO 9001 compliant management and standardization

    We seek to encourage and develop creative innovation at all levels of the Company for development of high-quality products, both useful to society and reliable to users, in an environment fostering personal and corporate growth.

    We are committed to move forward day by day, never forgetting the debt of gratitude we owe for the foundation of the Company when performing our daily duties.


    1. Well known as a reliable company, we always see client satisfaction as an essential goal in our product and service development activities.
    2. We continually seek to improve our technical capabilities and operating efficiency by focusing on standardization of our operations and support of professional development among our people through continuous education and training.
    3. We understand that close communication between management and employees is vital to ensure active participation of all our people for improved quality, on-time delivery and cost reduction in line with the needs of our clients.
    4. These principles have been crystallized in a quality management system we continuously revise and update to ensure on-going organizational efficiency and development.

    Our company was established to provide a wide range of thermal power plant engineering services for the power plant industry in 1979. The wealth of knowledge, experience and trust we have gained in this energy management related field has allowed us to broaden the scope of our business with a particular emphasis on design, fabrication and procurement services for the electrical/control and renewable energy power generation industries. Naturally, our business diversification strategy allocates a critical role to the factors that, we believe, are the key drivers of our success to date: proven quality services and competitive pricing.

    We also place high importance on developing technologies combining a high level of performance with environmental sustainability. We fully understand that our ultimate mission is to satisfy our clients while contributing to a more stable and harmonious partnership between nature and society by incorporating
    environmental concerns in our daily business practices.

    “Today more than yesterday, and tomorrow more than today”, and so we value our day-by-day efforts to implement strategically sound and innovative business approaches in order to be and remain a relevant corporate actor in the 21st century.

    Tadanobu Oba
    Chairman and Representative Director
    Thermal Power Plant Engineering Co., Ltd