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├─+I. Electrical & Control Services
├─I-1 Panels Fabrication
├─I-2 Equipment Fabrication
├─I-3 Components Fabrication for RE Power Generation Systems
├─I-4 Systems & Components Sales
├─I-5 Electrical Supplies Procurement
├─I-6 Engineering Services
├─I-7 Installation Services
└─I-8 Maintenance Services
├─+II. Metal Services
├─II-1 Enclosures/Racks/Stanchions Fabrication
├─II-2 Other Metal Fabrication Services
├─II-3 Fabrication of Supporting Structures and Other Structural Elements & Assemblies
├─II-4 Structural Members & Accessories Procurement
├─II-5 Enclosure Design Services
├─II-6 Supporting Structure Design Services
├─II-7 Installation Services
└─II-8 Maintenance Services
├─+III. Support Services
├─III-1 Software Applications Development
├─III-2 China Business Support
├─III-3 Staffing & Contract Manufacturing Services
└─III-4 Information & Media Content Delivery Services
├─+IV. Insulation, Refractory & Painting Services
├─IV-1 Thermal Insulation Design and Fabrication
├─IV-2 Metal Covers Fabrication
├─IV-3 Sound Proofing Panels Fabrication
├─IV-4 Hardware Fabrication
├─IV-5 Insulation Materials Procurement
├─IV-6 Lagging Materials & Accessories Procurement
├─IV-7 Refractory Materials Procurement
├─IV-8 Paints, Coatings & Painting Supplies
├─IV-9 Design & Cost Estimation Services
├─IV-10 Calculation Services
├─IV-11 Measurement & Testing Services
├─IV-12 Site Work Contracting Services
└─IV-13 Equipment & Tools Procurement
├─Ⅴ-1 Incineration system related
├─Ⅴ-1-1 Alkali metal containing liquid waste incinerator
├─Ⅴ-1-2 Halogen liquid/gaseous waste incinerator
├─Ⅴ-1-3 Municipal waste incinerator
├─Ⅴ-1-4 Fluidized bed incinerator
├─Ⅴ-1-5 Rotary kiln incinerator
├─Ⅴ-1-6 Sewage Sludge Atomizing Incinerator
├─Ⅴ-2 Industrial facilities related
├─Ⅴ-2-1 Deodorizing furnace
├─Ⅴ-2-2 Direct fired hot air generator
├─Ⅴ-2-3 Waste Tire Dry Distillation System
├─Ⅴ-2-4 Tubular gas heater
├─Ⅴ-2-5 Organic solvent treatment (aluminum can delaquering) system
├─Ⅴ-2-6 External heating type rotary kiln
├─Ⅴ-3 Combustion system related
├─Ⅴ-3-1 Various burners
├─Ⅴ-3-2 High intensity burners
├─Ⅴ-3-3 Fire resistant material combustion burners
├─Ⅴ-3-4 Oxygen burners
├─Ⅴ-3-5 Oxygen enriched burners

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